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March 12, 2024, 4 pm HOA Meeting

Dos Rios III HOA Board Meeting

March 12, 2024 4:00 PM

Gunnison County Library – Room D


1. Roll Call of Board

2. Proof of Notice of Meeting.

3. Reading and approval of any unapproved Board minutes.

4. Report out of Committees and work items.

a. Covenant Committee

b. Weed Committee

c. Mailbox update

d. Sign replacement and new signs

5. New Business

a. Placing some funds in our HOA Checking Account into a

CD to earn better interest.

b. Renting a large dumpster for Spring Clean-up of members


c. Purchase of speed limit radar sign and replacement of

missing signs.

6. Adjournment

Board Meeting November 30, 2022, @ 6 pm

Agenda for November 30, 2022, @ 6 pm

  • Roll call
  • Proof of meeting notice
  • Reading and approval of minutes from the Annual Meeting
  • Discussion of old business
    • Signage
    • Mailbox parking areas
    • Updating bylaws for CCIOA
  • New Business
    • Committees or working groups needed
    • ?
  • Set date for next Board Meeting
  • Adjournment

Meeting location: Freed Field Heritage Center Conference Room

Dec 3, 2019, Board Meeting

Dec 3, 2019, Meeting Minutes in PDF

Dec. 3 meeting minutes
Attendees: Russ Alpern, Shawn Meldrum,
Sean McCormick, Betsy Janney
-Last meeting minutes were approved.
-HOA sign that fell down is in great shape.
The decision was made to save the $3-5000
and put the old sign back up. Sean will work
on getting the sign back up.
-We need to create a budget in the next few
-Meet to approve a budget
-Propose an increase in dues
-Project ideas
-Neighborhood cleanup
-Weed mitigation
-Neighborhood BBQ
-Pursue past due accounts. Russ will get
list of delinquent HOA dues from Sarah.
-Sean M. moved to have attorney Jacob With
write an amendment to the by laws
addressing short term rentals to state that
rentals have to be at least three months in
length. Betsy 2nd the motion. Passed.
-Architectural review board members are
Board member E Mail
Russ – frenchkissbreck@gmail
Betsy – elkothedog@gmail
Sean – mcCormicks01@roadrunner
Shawn – shawnmeldrum0461@gmail

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Meeting Minutes in PDF

October meeting
Attendees: Russ Alpern, Betsy Janney,
Shawn Meldrum
There was no old business to review.
New Business:
-Sherrif’s office has been asked to look in to
why the flat bed trailer has been parked on
the side of Tomichi Trail just beyond the mail
-There was discussion to propose an
amendment to the by laws regarding short
term rentals.
-Russ will talk to Sarah regarding getting
more bids for post box paving.
-Russ will check with Sarah to see if CD has
been changed to money market account.
-Shawn will contact Rob to see if he is still
willing to update the HOA website.
-Russ will ask Sarah if she has looked in to
replacing the HOA sign that fell down. We
need at least three bids.
-The idea was brought up to invite the non
HOA members in to the HOA once we have
done a project or two.
Meeting was adjourned