2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Meeting Minutes in PDF

October meeting
Attendees: Russ Alpern, Betsy Janney,
Shawn Meldrum
There was no old business to review.
New Business:
-Sherrif’s office has been asked to look in to
why the flat bed trailer has been parked on
the side of Tomichi Trail just beyond the mail
-There was discussion to propose an
amendment to the by laws regarding short
term rentals.
-Russ will talk to Sarah regarding getting
more bids for post box paving.
-Russ will check with Sarah to see if CD has
been changed to money market account.
-Shawn will contact Rob to see if he is still
willing to update the HOA website.
-Russ will ask Sarah if she has looked in to
replacing the HOA sign that fell down. We
need at least three bids.
-The idea was brought up to invite the non
HOA members in to the HOA once we have
done a project or two.
Meeting was adjourned