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Dec 3, 2019, Board Meeting

Dec 3, 2019, Meeting Minutes in PDF

Dec. 3 meeting minutes
Attendees: Russ Alpern, Shawn Meldrum,
Sean McCormick, Betsy Janney
-Last meeting minutes were approved.
-HOA sign that fell down is in great shape.
The decision was made to save the $3-5000
and put the old sign back up. Sean will work
on getting the sign back up.
-We need to create a budget in the next few
-Meet to approve a budget
-Propose an increase in dues
-Project ideas
-Neighborhood cleanup
-Weed mitigation
-Neighborhood BBQ
-Pursue past due accounts. Russ will get
list of delinquent HOA dues from Sarah.
-Sean M. moved to have attorney Jacob With
write an amendment to the by laws
addressing short term rentals to state that
rentals have to be at least three months in
length. Betsy 2nd the motion. Passed.
-Architectural review board members are
Board member E Mail
Russ – frenchkissbreck@gmail
Betsy – elkothedog@gmail
Sean – mcCormicks01@roadrunner
Shawn – shawnmeldrum0461@gmail

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Meeting Minutes in PDF

October meeting
Attendees: Russ Alpern, Betsy Janney,
Shawn Meldrum
There was no old business to review.
New Business:
-Sherrif’s office has been asked to look in to
why the flat bed trailer has been parked on
the side of Tomichi Trail just beyond the mail
-There was discussion to propose an
amendment to the by laws regarding short
term rentals.
-Russ will talk to Sarah regarding getting
more bids for post box paving.
-Russ will check with Sarah to see if CD has
been changed to money market account.
-Shawn will contact Rob to see if he is still
willing to update the HOA website.
-Russ will ask Sarah if she has looked in to
replacing the HOA sign that fell down. We
need at least three bids.
-The idea was brought up to invite the non
HOA members in to the HOA once we have
done a project or two.
Meeting was adjourned

Annual Meeting 2015

Thank you Dos Rios Golf Course for hosting us! We had a very productive meeting, and thanks to all who attended!

If you would like to read/review the minutes we have then in PDF for your download here.

2015 YTD Budget is also available for download.


Issues with weeds (identified to be noxious) will be dealt with as follows:

  • The County (Jon Mugglestone, Weed Manager)  will be notified
    • They will inspect the property and determine the course of action which can include
      • Request, by letter, property owner to mitigate within the year
        • Failure to mitigate within the year can result in state mandated control and all expenses paid by lot owner
          • Failure to pay can result in property lien/foreclosure

Gunnison County Weed Management Plan

Annual Meeting 2014

Dos Rios 3 HOA Annual Meeting Minutes Call to order 5:34pm 9/16/14 ROLL CALL:

  • Sue Uerling: 656 Fairway Ln.
  • Pam Hatcher: 733 Fairway Ln.
  • Meredith Mcmanus: 289 Fairway Ln. & 974 fairway Ln.
  • Kathy Bignell: 1061 Fairway Ln.
  • Frank Kugel & Debbie Harris: 266 Tomichi Tr.
  • Jennifer Barvitski: 635 Tomichi Tr.
  • Kirsten Copenhaver: 776 Fairway Ln.
  • Betsy and Don Janney: 422 Tomichi Ln.


  • Sue moves to approve the 2013 annual meeting minutes
  • Meredith second
  • All in favor. Vote passes


  • Kirsten C got an updated list lots from the county and there are 90 lots
    • 14 unpaid some as far back as 2010.
  • Kirsten C gave a summary of assets.
  •  Frank asked for the maturity dates on the CDs
    •   We have two CD’s which were originally opened on 7/3/2002 with both opening balances of $10,000 , they mature each year on 7/3 but will continue to roll over to the next year unless we tell them otherwise.  The rate on these two CD’s is currently at .20%.  This rate has not changed since 2012.
      • The balance as of today in each CD is currently =$12,477.63 on each of the CD’s.
  • Meredith recommended the HOA be listed as creditor for foreclosures… No action was taken.


  • Can we charge for cleanup, mowing, weed spraying and bill the owners?
  •     David Barton should write a Landscaping Resolution amendment to give us the power to and we want to charge full price plus a fee/penalty. Ask David for suggested assessment fee options based on area comps.
  • Don J will investigate what we can do to enforce (based on adopted resolutions) in the case of foreclosures
  • A “Standards Monitor” (Sue Uerling) has been established and they will verify and legitimize submitted complaints and then notify Frank K if filed complaints needs action re: landscaping compliance or lack thereof
  • Kirsten C will notify Frank K re: overdue dues. Frank will notify attorney
  • Rob will update the web form (change from appeals to concerns) and add to the form a requirement regarding contacting a neighbor regarding their complaint first and the documentation of the same also needs to be included in the form
  • Process to mange concerns is as follows
    • Webform
    • Standards Monitor will validate
    • HOA letter and notice of assessment fee will be mailed, by HOA, to homeowner
      •   compliant with new Landscaping Resolution
    • Then attorney letter and assed fee charged to homeowner
    • Further legal action if needed, in compliance with Resolutions, will be requested of the attorney by Frank K.


  • Board member elections:
    • Kirsten C and Meredith requested to be re-elected, and a vote was conducted.
    • All in favor of re-electing Kirsten and Meredith. Directors Elected.
  • Nomination of officers by Board.
    • Don moved to re-elect Rob as President, Jennifer as Secretary, and Kirsten as Treasurer
    • Frank seconded the motion.
    • All in favor. Officers elected as proposed.


  • Pam H expressed concerns about the neighborhood tolerance regarding feeding large wildlife (deer) and asked for HOA support
  •   Jennifer mentioned Nick Gallowich has said he will visit homeowners if requested
  •   We will include this topic in the next newsletter


  • Frank motioned to adjourn at 6:34pm
  • Meredith seconded the motion.
  • All in favor.  Motion passes.