Spring Newsletter

Hello Neighbors!

The Board would like to take a few minutes and give you an update on what is happening here in Dos Rios 3.

As you all have noticed, Gunnison County has improved the area around the mailboxes on Fairway Lane and Tomichi Trail. A big thank you to the Gunnison County Public Works Department and to our own Sean McCormick for working together to make this happen.

The Board has authorized the purchase and installation of two “Driver Feedback Radar Signs.” The signs are being purchased to address concerns from many residents about drivers exceeding the speed limit with a lot the children in our neighborhood. These are signs that read your speed and then show that speed on the sign. One sign will be installed on upper Fairway Lane to remind drivers of their speed as they get into the residential area. The other sign will be installed on Tomichi Trail near the mailboxes. We have applied to Gunnison County to install these signs on the County Right of Way and hope to have them installed before too long.

To assist with spring clean-up, the Board approved a dumpster to be placed at the junction of Fairway Lane and Tomichi Trail. The dumpster will be available from May 3rd until it is full or through May 9th. This dumpster is being provided for spring clean-up, and we must meet the rules of the County Landfill. We need to follow these rules to avoid any problems being accepted at the landfill and/or incurring extra charges. Please ensure that you do not throw any of the following items in the dumpster.


  • NO Concrete Tires and/or Rims Mattress and/or Box Springs
  • NO Appliances, Electronics, and/or Batteries  Motorized Equipment
  • NO  Fluorescent lights  Treated Fence Posts Railroad Ties

*Dry empty paint cans with the lid off can be placed in the dumpster.

We cannot fill the dumpster above the rim, so please break apart and flatten bulky items. Do not place anything in the dumpster if it cannot be fully below the rim.

The Six Points box truck will be at the intersection of Fairway and Tomichi on Saturday, May 4th, from 10am to 12pm. Two staff members will be aboard: Kyle and Johnny.
The following is a list of items that Six Points is unable to accept:

  • Beds or bed parts of any kind
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Plug in Exercise equipment of any kind
  • Baby equipment of any kind, car seats, high chairs, anything that could be a concern from a safety standpoint.
  • We cannot accept helmets.
  • We understand that donations will be used and somewhat worn, but we cannot accept items with stains, smells, or tears.

The Board is also trying to make communication quicker and easier for all of us by getting an email address for each lot owner. If you could take a moment and go to https://DosRios3.com, under the “Menu” tab click “Newsletter Subscription” and fill out the form with your preferred email address. Thank you, we hope to send notices like this by email in the near future.

The Board also wants to thank all of those who have contacted the Architectural Committee regarding their planned changes, as required by the Covenants. Quite a few plans are moving forward for this year. If you have some planned changes you are thinking about, please go to https://DosRios3.com, click on “Architecture and Review”, then fill out the form to start the review process.

If you look at your latest water bill from the County you will see they are concerned about sump pumps pumping into the sewer system and increasing all of our water/sewer bills. This follows up with the information they provided at our annual membership meeting last September. The county is asking us to remind everyone to check our crawl space and change any sump pump to ensure it is not going into the sewer, hopefully saving us all some money.

The Board is also looking for your feedback. Their contact info is also on our website. Hope all of you have a great spring and start to your summer! See you around the neighborhood.


Mark  Hatcher

Dos Rios 3 HOA Board President