March 14, 2023, Minutes

 Dos Rios III HOA Board Meeting Minutes 

3/14/23, 6:00 PM 

Location: Gunnison Public Library 


  • Mark Hatcher – HOA President 
  • Sean McCormick – HOA Vice President 
  • John Nelson – Secretary 
  • Sarah Vick – Treasurer 
  • Kathy Bignell – Homeowner 
  • Russ Halpren – Homeowner 
  • Patrick Vick – Homeowner 

Meeting Agenda 

  1. Roll call. 4:03 p.m. Meeting called to order; quorum established. 
  2. Proof of notice of meeting completed. 
  3. Reading and approval of 11/30/23 Meeting Minutes completed. 
  4. Committee Reports: 

a. Noxious Weed Committee. Current members consist of John Nelson, Paul Morgan, Jennifer Kermode, and Karen Gorman. Committee meeting to be scheduled in May ahead of the next board meeting. Current tasks include speaking with Dos Rios 1 about mowing the green belt and meeting with Dos Rios GC to discuss treatment or mowing of GC managed areas with a history of becoming infested. Monitor vacant lots that become weedy and contact lot owners as necessary. 

b. ByLaw Committee. Current members consist of Sean McCormick and Russ Halprin. The committee is looking for a third member. Dos Rios III bylaws need to be updated. CCIOA had a major update in 2022; need to ensure compliance and congruence with any applicable updates. The committee will contact the HOA attorney to see what’s advised and what should be updated. 

c. Architectural Committee. Committee members were confirmed and consisted of Steve Westbay, Mark Hatcher, Kathy Bignell, and Jennifer Barvitsky. Rob Strickland will reflect members on the Dos Rios III website. 

d. HOA Financials. Sarah Vick reported that a second notice for delinquent dues payments was sent out in January 2023 reflecting unpaid invoices and total owed. Existing penalties for delinquent payment of dues were discussed and that beginning in September the Board will pursue delinquent dues, as per the HOA bylaws. 

5. Discussion of old and unfinished business 

a. HOA Letter. Discussed and confirmed HOA letter from Board President was mailed out (February 8th, 2023). 

b. Paving and Roads Improvements. No updates. Sean McCormick mentioned Spring is an appropriate time to reach out to the County regarding road improvements around the mailbox areas. An inquiry was made as to when the county might resurface county-maintained roads and Dos Rios III is currently not on the list, however, there is interest in meeting with the HOAs regarding water infiltration and road surface conditions. Sarah Vick will be contacting United Paving to get an estimate for paving the mailbox areas. 

6. New Business 

a. Committees or working groups needed. The board discussed if a Covenant Committee should be formed. This committee would have 2 basic tasks: 1) Review the covenants and where covenants are not clear, make recommendations to the Board on how that covenant should be interpreted, and 2) Inspect the neighborhood to report to the Board on possible infractions to the covenants. The intent would be to determine if there’s non-compliance with the covenants, identify violations, and make recommendations to the Board. This does not include enforcement which is strictly a responsibility of the HOA board. 

b. Short-term rentals (STRs). The board discussed proactively addressing the potential issues stemming from the presence of any current or future STR’s. The board will consider having the HOA attorney investigate and identify current local and state ordinances governing STRs. 

c. Scam emails. Several board members report receiving scam or hoax emails soliciting funds. Changing personal email addresses to generic HOA email addresses is recommended and can be facilitated by Rob Strickland. 

d. Speeding and speed limit enforcement. Speeding continues to be a problem on community roads. The board is inquiring with the county regarding the deployment of permanent and mobile speed limit signage and other options for assessing traffic speeds and volume. 

e. Target Date for next HOA letter: Summer 2023. 

7. Set date for next Board Meeting: 6/8/2023, 1600-1800, Gunnison Public Library. 

8. Adjournment: 5:35 p.m.