Annual Meeting 2014

Dos Rios 3 HOA Annual Meeting Minutes Call to order 5:34pm 9/16/14 ROLL CALL:

  • Sue Uerling: 656 Fairway Ln.
  • Pam Hatcher: 733 Fairway Ln.
  • Meredith Mcmanus: 289 Fairway Ln. & 974 fairway Ln.
  • Kathy Bignell: 1061 Fairway Ln.
  • Frank Kugel & Debbie Harris: 266 Tomichi Tr.
  • Jennifer Barvitski: 635 Tomichi Tr.
  • Kirsten Copenhaver: 776 Fairway Ln.
  • Betsy and Don Janney: 422 Tomichi Ln.


  • Sue moves to approve the 2013 annual meeting minutes
  • Meredith second
  • All in favor. Vote passes


  • Kirsten C got an updated list lots from the county and there are 90 lots
    • 14 unpaid some as far back as 2010.
  • Kirsten C gave a summary of assets.
  •  Frank asked for the maturity dates on the CDs
    •   We have two CD’s which were originally opened on 7/3/2002 with both opening balances of $10,000 , they mature each year on 7/3 but will continue to roll over to the next year unless we tell them otherwise.  The rate on these two CD’s is currently at .20%.  This rate has not changed since 2012.
      • The balance as of today in each CD is currently =$12,477.63 on each of the CD’s.
  • Meredith recommended the HOA be listed as creditor for foreclosures… No action was taken.


  • Can we charge for cleanup, mowing, weed spraying and bill the owners?
  •     David Barton should write a Landscaping Resolution amendment to give us the power to and we want to charge full price plus a fee/penalty. Ask David for suggested assessment fee options based on area comps.
  • Don J will investigate what we can do to enforce (based on adopted resolutions) in the case of foreclosures
  • A “Standards Monitor” (Sue Uerling) has been established and they will verify and legitimize submitted complaints and then notify Frank K if filed complaints needs action re: landscaping compliance or lack thereof
  • Kirsten C will notify Frank K re: overdue dues. Frank will notify attorney
  • Rob will update the web form (change from appeals to concerns) and add to the form a requirement regarding contacting a neighbor regarding their complaint first and the documentation of the same also needs to be included in the form
  • Process to mange concerns is as follows
    • Webform
    • Standards Monitor will validate
    • HOA letter and notice of assessment fee will be mailed, by HOA, to homeowner
      •   compliant with new Landscaping Resolution
    • Then attorney letter and assed fee charged to homeowner
    • Further legal action if needed, in compliance with Resolutions, will be requested of the attorney by Frank K.


  • Board member elections:
    • Kirsten C and Meredith requested to be re-elected, and a vote was conducted.
    • All in favor of re-electing Kirsten and Meredith. Directors Elected.
  • Nomination of officers by Board.
    • Don moved to re-elect Rob as President, Jennifer as Secretary, and Kirsten as Treasurer
    • Frank seconded the motion.
    • All in favor. Officers elected as proposed.


  • Pam H expressed concerns about the neighborhood tolerance regarding feeding large wildlife (deer) and asked for HOA support
  •   Jennifer mentioned Nick Gallowich has said he will visit homeowners if requested
  •   We will include this topic in the next newsletter


  • Frank motioned to adjourn at 6:34pm
  • Meredith seconded the motion.
  • All in favor.  Motion passes.